Hurghada City Tour

Hurghada is the main  tourist city in Egypt, containing suburbs for fishers who are the  indigenous inhabitants of the city, two international airports and one harbor, plus a big bus station having  bus lines to all destinations of egypt.
City tour in Hurghada is an extremely interesting trip to recognize the exotic life in Hurghada, which includes not only hotels and resorts.

The highlights:

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The Program:

We always prefer to organize this trip in the afternoon, between lunch and sunset, where  you will have occasion to visit  Hurghada. starting our visit by watching the oldest hotel in hurghada “sheraton” this hotel was constructed around 1965, now closed due to risk of collapse, then discovering the various suburbs in Hurghada rich and poor and middle class, then visiting fish market, exploring types of fish and sea fruits like calamari, shrimps etc,  and then visiting the great and the biggest mosque in Hurghada  which was constructed around 10  years ago , being  inside and hearing through your guide very fruitful informations about islam and seeing the islamic architecture, then visiting the oldest church in Hurghada  and the life of christianity, then visiting vegetables and fruits market in Dahar.

By the  end of this trip there will be time for rest in  Hurghada marina  close to fishers village.

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