Cairo and Surroundings in 5 Days Trip

Being in Cairo, the capital of Egypt for more than 1400 years, it’s a fruitful trend to make a round trip just in this city and nearby cities in 5 days to  get the main value of this city.

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The Program:

First day after breakfast we will start our program by visiting the great mosque of king mohamed ali  in citadel , and other mosques in  salaheddine citadel , after that we will visit  two mosques opposite the citadel called  mosque  sultan hassan  which was a school for islamic rituals and  rules, however it is massive  construction it was built through just 6  years around  800 years ago, after that  will be visit of el refaey mosque which  lies opposite the mosque of sultan  hassan. 
After that we will have a break for lunch and visit a magical islamic museum , where inside we will be able to enjoy artifacts and items that are more than  800  years old. 
The items inside this museum include materials of;  metals, wood, wool, and very beautiful carpets. After visiting this place, I went back to the hotel for dinner and rest.

After breakfast  in this exceptional day, we will start by visiting pyramids, we will have occasion go to visit one of  seven wonders in ancient world , the visit includes visiting pyramid  of cheops , chephren and mykinors; and there we will have a chance to make a ride by camel around all these pyramids and making a special photo  a for a memory of life and then  we will visit sphinx , later on going to saqqara to visit there the eldest building of stone in the whole world; step pyramid  of king zoser, the founder of  old kingdom , plus visiting  mastaba of kagemni and pyramids of king tti.

After that we will visit the  cemetery  of  Dahshur and the museum in Memphis .

This special day will be dedicated   to alexandria to have a break from cairo, in order to visit the second biggest agglomeration in egypt alexandria ,  an over day in alex  from  8.00 am till  16.00 pm , in this program we will visit  the catacomb , amphitheater ,library , citadel of quaitbay and  lunch in local restaurant with local seafood  in alexandria.

In this day we will continue exploring cairo through  visiting  one of the biggest churches in all egypt which is the church inside st simon monastery in muqattam area, after that we will visit old cairo suburb to discover the smell of holy family in egypt and very old churches with very long history , in addition to  egyptian museum in downtown.

In this day we will  civilization museum  which contain the great hall of mummies of the most important kings in ancient egypt during the golden age of it which was new kingdom period , and after that visiting the islamic street in cairo which called street el muez where was the core of cairo when it was construct  since more than  1000 years ago , lunch in a local egyptian restaurant  in this area and after that free time in the oldest bazar in whole egypt khan  el khalili.

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